The fresh aroma and exotic elegance of R.R. Lalena’s new line of air fresheners quickly awaken the senses. These exclusive hanging air fresheners, cellulose pendants, atomizers and gel air fresheners are composed of genuine French extracts. Not only do they freshen and decorate the car interior, but the use of gel aromatics substance guarantees the unusual endurance of the fragrance.

INTENSO PERFUME – Scents available: Aqua Blue, Black Jack, Citrus Squash, Coffee, Vanilla Adventure, Pink Grapefruit. Volume: 10 ml.

INTENSO AIR VENT – A stylish air freshener for the air vent grill, this has a very intensive and long lasting fragrance. The strength of the scent can be adjusted with a special regulation switch, according to individual needs. The combination of a high class French perfume and an elegant shape will satisfy even the most demanding drivers. Scents available: Aqua Blue, Black Jack, Citrus Squash, Vanilla Adventure and Pink Grapefruit. Volume: 7 ml.

INTENSO SPRAY – Transformed from the modern car air freshener into a spray, this air freshener kills bad smells and gives the immediate effect of freshness. Concentrated aromatic substance provides the unique scent strength found in the Intenso spray line. Scents available: Aqua Blue, Black Jack, Citrus Squash, Coffee, Vanilla Adventure, Pink Grapefruit. Volume: 50 ml.

AROMA CAR WOOD – Selected aromas created from natural oils miraculously refresh the car interior and remove unpleasant odors. The modern ornament, when placed on the rear view mirror, will subtly underline the unique style of every car. Scents available: Vanilla, Lemon, Ocean, New Car, Anti-Tobacco, Black Denim, Green Tea. Volume: 6 ml.

AROMA CAR MAGIC GEL – The gel air freshener designed for the air vent comes in the shape of a teardrop and provides 45 days of fragrance sensation. Its compact size fits all kinds of air vents and makes it a subtle decoration of the car interior. The product is available in three energizing, masculine fragrances.

AROMA CAR ELEGANCE – Aroma Car Elegance was designed for drivers who pay attention not only to functionality but to esthetics as well. It’s fashionable and elegant design harmonizes with the sophisticated fragrance choice, which provides a feeling of luxury.

AROMA CAR DISC – The original air freshener ideally fits into the air vent grill. Concentrated aromatic composition in the form of a gel provides 60-days of lasting fragrance. Intensive scent and color create an unrepeatable addition to any car.

INTENSO AERO – This comfortable-in-use air freshener spray rapidly frees the fabulous scent exactly when it is needed. The small, discrete size of the spray allows it to fit in even the smallest car compartment.